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Located in  the northern tip of Tunisia, Bizerte was originally a
counter Phoenician and Roman a counter what ? . It developed
from the XIII during the reign of the Hafsides. Sanctuary land the
city hosted the XVII Andalusian, expelled from Spain during the
Inquisition and White Russians at the beginning of the century.
Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east,
the lakes of Bizerte and Ichkeul the south, the city
communicates through a corridor towards Menzel Bouguiba
and Tabarka. Ichkeul Lake and Mount of the same name are
classified park and world heritage of UNESCO. This reserve
consists of birds, some of which belong to very rare species of
raptors, buffalo, jackals and others. We take you to discover its
riches unknown in its narrow streets and with local population.
Ghar el Melh is located few kilometers down the south area of
Raf Raf. Ghar El Milh was founded by the Phoenicians in 1100
BC. This village is famous for its large beach Sidi Ali El Mekki
and its lagoon. The population of Ghar al Milh is working almost
exclusively in agriculture and Fishing which makes this region a
fabulous center for these activities in particular its
distinguishing organic natural farms which are irrigated from
the sea.
Special welcome will be provided by the farmers of Ghar Milh
and a local tea will be served by them while telling stories about
their activities that date back to ancient times. Likewise,
women of this area will welcome you to show you local
gastronomy and give you the opportunity to eat and learn how
to cook the served meal.
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