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Tunisia: In the footsteps of civilizations
Region: Kairouan  
Category: Trekking 
Planned: customized: minimum 6 participants
Duration: 5 days/4 nights 
Price: 650 euros half board
Description: This tour takes place in the region west central Tunisia, you are invited to discover the Jebel Ouslet cave drawings, the Fauna and Flora of the region, the Antiques Tanks and the Cave of the Mine and that of Ain D'hab, and to discovering local lifestyle.
Tour operator : www.tunisiaecotourism.com
Full description: you will receive an email with the full description
In the footsteps of civilizations
This tour invites you to discover a deep Tunisia, a stay with the local population, Domestic participation in the daily life and discover the past civilizations
•Duration: 5 days
•Period: Winter/Spring
•Night stay: 4 night accommodation.
•Type of trip: transported
•Leg length: 120 kms
•Notes: Telephone, Electricity is available. Even the guest houses are equipped with Wi-Fi network. The roads are paved and access to different facilities is possible with car, bikes or any other mean of transportations.
Day 1

Arrival at the airport, assistance and transfer to the city of Ouesletia
Transfer to Dar Zaineb 18 km from Oueslatia, homestay in Kef Gitoun at the foot of Jebel Oueslet mountain "latitude 35 ° 47.4; longitude 9 ° 39.18; Altitude 556 m "
- Soup
- Tunisian salad
- Beef Mosli
- Pain "Tabouna"
- Seasonal fruits
Evening Traditional, storytelling, tales and folk poetry, with tasting of "CHOUCHE"
Presentation of the residence program

Day 2

Breakfast from 7am: Assida, Mlaoui, Honey, Olive Oil, Fresh Milk, Eggs
Departure for a hike Jebel Oueslet
Duration: 6 hours of walking
•Outdoor Lunch , grill, salad, Melaoui, seasonal fruits
Accompaniment: Nature guide and an escort of the local population
Means of transport by donkey
•Visit to Jbel Oueslet which is the richest rock art area in Tunisia.
•A walk for the discovery of "El Kef Bhim, Ain Khanfous" Roman Antiques and tanks.
•Dinner and overnight homestay DAR zaineb
Carob juice and traditional pastry


Breakfast: Goat Cheese, Honey, Mleoui, Fresh Milk, Eggs, Olive oil
Departure for a hike Jebel Sallem
Duration: one day 5 hours walking
Lunch at the top of the mountain in a ruined old houses Berbers
Accompaniment: Nature guide and an escort of the local population
Discovery of ancient Roman ruins and Berber tanks
Transfer and overnight homestay Dar El Henchir
- Tunisian salad
- Soup
- Wild rabbit meat sauce
- Bread "tabouna"
- Seasonal dessert
- Red tea with almonds


   Breakfast Homestay
Special event day:
- Meals
- Exhibition of handicraft of the region "forest products; crafts "
- Workshop in season "Oula, show cooking, first extraction of oil in the traditional method ..."
- Animation and traditional tale
Transfer and overnight homestay Dar El Henchir
- Tunisian salad
- Soup
- Lamb sauce
- Bread "tabouna"
- Seasonal dessert
- Tea with aromatic plants of the region or Turke fragrant coffee with water or geranium flower water


Breakfast Homestay
Depart for the hike to the cave of the mine, moderate walking for 4 hours.
Discover the wealth of flora and fauna and monuments of the region, explaining the history of the caves.
Lunch in kind:
- Grilled chicken thigh
- Grilled Salad
- Green salad
- Momentary laminated Pain: Mlaoui
- Season Desert
End of stay


* Hiking boot
* Waterproof
* Remember to protect your head
* A bag comfortable back and not too heavy
* Always stay in groups and follow the instructions of the responsible
* Respect the crops, cattle, private property and local regulations; do not leave any trash in nature
* Be careful when crossing paths
What to bring: Clothes, water and snacks.

Documents and information

•Passport: Required for check-in
•Sanitary precautions: If you suffer from asthma, blood pressure, you should consider avoiding this trip.
•Climate: warm in summer and windy in winter
•Things to buy: local handicrafts and street food.

Price and registration

•Price: 650 euros per person
•The price includes Transportation, lunch, guided visit, and accommodation.
•How to register D
•Organizing Tour Operator

Address:  57 Av Hassen Nouri
Bizerte 7000 TUNISIA
Phone:  (+216 ) 20 580 620
  (+216 ) 24 442 444
Fax:  (+216) 72 444 027
Email:  contact@tunisiaecotourism.com
Website:  www.Tunisiaecotourism.com

RIB : 25 035 000 0000246061 67
IBAN : TN59 25 035 000 0000246061 67

•Description: Dar Zaineb “Homestay”

•Description: Dar Mohammed “Homestay”

•Description: Dar El Henchir « Guest House »

Daily schedule
Cave  Drawing
Antiques Tanks
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